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Peder RudlingTrial Prep "Triage"

By Peder Rudling

Help!!! Your attorney just notified you that the trial everybody thought would settle or go away via Summary Judgment is instead actually going to TRIAL. The initial panic is starting to dissipate and you need a trial prep game plan. It is time to start addressing some basic questions about your trial prep readiness status, which generally falls into a few categories: Exhibit Binders, Documents, Deposition Videos, Transcript-Only Depositions, Graphics, Deposition Designations, People, Equipment, and Logistics. There is lots to do, so let’s get started.



“Peder is the most innovative, creative, and professional trial/litigation support provider I have EVER had the privilege with whom to work. We worked on a national account together while at Merrill, and the client's management and I were all blown away by his designs, presentation and his overall winning demeanor. He is incredibly talented, and Peder should never be passed over for any other trial services provider. Hire Peder! You will always be glad you did.”

Melissa Rogozinski, Sr. Account Executive, Merrill Corporation - Birmingham, AL


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Package Deals